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In Chicago, listen to the wind

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Time heals all spend all the time, thanks to Seattle 's blue sea, Chicago sky, NYC sunshine, LA beaches, thanks to accompany a friend to play, the most memorable santa monica sunset, the most regrettable temporary closing of the LA Zoo Koala Museum, the most excited to see the modern family of three houses, the most fun in New York and Minnesota reminisced with old friends not seen for years.
2016 keep walking, looking forward to traveling again.

Travels video:
After cutting a low fever for a whole night, I feel full of accomplishment. Imovie of the software mac and the 2016usa of the title use Photoshop. After the effect is achieved, I can’t help but want to kiss myself. I like videos more than photos. The last sentence: If you watch, please super Clear ~

Equipment: gopro hero4 + 6D + iPhone
BGM:photograph-Ed Sheeran
used the remaining small fragments that he was reluctant to delete and his favorite song to make up A gentle version of the travel video.
We keep this love in a photograph. We made these memories for ourselves. :)
We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing Collapse gaze lovingly
Our hearts hearts were never broken never experience the pain of a broken heart dripping
And times forever frozen still, the moment stays in time, the screen freezes
So you can keep me
inside the pocket of your ripped jeans, let the memory go back in the photo, and penetrate into your skin through your pants pocket inch
Holding me closer until our eyes meet embraced until that moment the intersection of the line of sight

Sister Welfare-About shopping

There is no need to worry about traffic problems guesthouse, Cosmetics is the US trip I focused the study, so the following is my sister's welfare, men can skip it ~
1, Outlets:
The US line was that half of Time is spent in outlets, because outlets are located in the suburbs where no shops are in front of them. It can take two to three hours to go and return on the road. Each outlet has hundreds of shops, and you can’t finish shopping in a day. , So be sure to do your homework before you go, make a list of what brand you want to buy, and go straight to the past.
Before going, register as a member on the official website of premium outlets and download the coupon. There are certain discounts, New York Outlets and buses will be distributed free of charge, and some stores will also engage in credit card promotions, which can be said to be a discount.
2, cosmetics:
Sephora: everywhere sephora sister who is really the most livable place, give me a Sephora I can go a year .. went to the United States just in time for the biannual 85 promotions, so borrowed in The vibr membership cards of good friends in the United States , swept in Sephora! nars, philosophy, fresh, and some brands that are not available in China are available at
Macy's: various cosmetic counters. I found that there are especially many male BAs in the United States and they are very enthusiastic.
 Tip: Go to Macy's customer service (customer center) with your passport and other documents to get a 10%-11% off coupon. This coupon can be used for other products except cosmetics.
Nordstrom: The goods are more upscale. MAC, BB, Kiehl's all can be found here.
Cvs: everywhere there is a free teller needs its own supermarket checkout, Maybelline, L'Oreal, nyx asking price and other beauty products you can buy ~ TIPS: In the United States the most suitable shopping brands: BAGS: Coach, Kipling, Tory Burch , Michael Kors, Kate Spade New York, Fossil, Guess. Clothes: CK, Columbia, DKNY, Guess, Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Levi's, Nautica, Polo Ralph Lauren, Quilsilver, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes: Nine west, Timberland, Coach.

Cosmetics: Clinique, Estee Lauder, L'Occitane and so on ... in Chicago outlets are: 1, Chicago Premium outlets it is America 's largest Outlets central region, located in the large Chicago

Aurora town area, away from the Chicago City 60 miles. There are more than 120 world famous stores including Nike, Adidas, Coach, Timberland, Tommy and so on.
The outlets from Chicago about 45 minutes by car, free parking downtown.
1650 Premium Outlet Blvd, Aurora, IL
2, Fashion Outlets Chicago
This Outlets is Chicago The newest Outlets Mall, only opened on August 1, 2013. It's also from Chicago, the nearest outlets mall. Located in Rosemont, near O'hare Airport. If you have enough transit time in O'hare, you can easily visit here. Gucci, Tory Burch, Barneys New York; Bloomingdale's The Outlet Store, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th, Forever 21 and other 130 fashion brand stores will make your shopping journey colorful and dizzying. Because it is an indoor mall, it has air conditioning in summer and heating in winter. Outlets are generally relatively outdoors, you can go to get more comfortable, especially in the Chicago winter.
5220 Fashion Outlets Way, Rosemont, IL.
This outlet is the shop where the host got off the plane. It is relatively close to O'Hare Airport, about 10 minutes by car.

In Chicago, listen to the wind @Willis Tower

You to Chicago What is the first impression? Is it the NBA Bulls or the Wells Tower, the tallest building in the world? Is the "Windy City," "Chicago Loop area", "skyscraper homeland" cities such as multiple personality label, or that next to Lake Michigan, the heart of the Magnificent Mile?
Chicago (Chicago) belongs to Illinois , East of Lake Michigan , is the United States second only to New York City and Los Angeles The third metropolitan area, Chicago is known as the most American trait of the city, it will blend with the legacy of central and western cuisine and world culture landscape.
Some people say: "falling in love with Chicago is like a woman in love with a flat nose, although there is no satisfactory place, but can not extricate themselves."

The landlord of a person's busy schedule from Jinan to Shanghai turn for the better, the results did not have my luggage into the sky, went to Shanghai to mention the baggage running a boarding pass, it is really a female engineering man, carrying three packages flew in the Pudong airport I picture Unforgettable so far..
On the plane, the stewardess will issue the customs entry form, fill it in English, and go through the customs according to the instructions after disembarking the plane. The person who goes through the customs is a white guy who will talk to you in English and finally decide whether to let you go. Generally there is no problem. English is not very good looks can be recruited China translator.
After the plane to a nearby fashion chicago outlets around the shop to eat a dinner, back to the hotel the jet lag ..
in Chicago, the first night just in time for Kobe last game, so gnawing Hamburg fries wore black I watched Kobe's curtain call.

The next day we rented a car and went to the Wells Building. After we parked the car in the nearby parking lot, we walked to other attractions.

Willis Tower

Sears Tower (Willis Tower), is located in the United States , Illinois Chicago skyscraper, once North America 's tallest building, November 12, 2013 World Trade Center Building is to break the record. US dollar can climb to the top 22, at the entrance will be someone to take a photo, you can view the history of a small fragment of about willis tower in a small room before boarding the elevator to the roof of the cook, and told the Taipei 101 building to compete for the most interesting story.

Willis Tower

There are two photo spots in total, but they all need to line up~ In order to take nice photos, I did not hesitate to line up twice haha.

Willis Tower
Willis Tower

In order to take a photo of this pose, the host lay on the ground for several minutes

Willis Tower
Willis Tower
Willis Tower
Willis Tower

The sea and sky are the same color, and the Michigan Hu in the distance gives a sense of openness and comfort

Willis Tower

442m, as if standing on top of the cloud, embracing the entire Chicago .

Willis Tower
Willis Tower

Chicago is a city of skyscrapers, there are many unique style of building floors, walk through Chicago city, you can see a lot of world famous architectural masterpieces, even a layman will be impressed by those distinctive design.

Willis Tower
Willis Tower

Soy beans, here I am! @千禧公园Millennium Park

Chicago is American cultural and commercial center in the Midwest, came to Chicago and ultimately, to visit here first-class museum, the museum is through the understanding of a city's best window, where many world-renowned museums, each one worth the time to stop and ruminate.
Not far from the Art Museum is the Millennium Park we are looking for.

Cloud Gate

Although the landlord to Chicago is low season, but still ultimately coming and going of visitors, so look for a higher level, people can shoot out of a small point ...

Cloud Gate

So big Peas standing Chicago Michigan trail, streamlined its smooth as a mirror of the entire Chicago blue sky and modern buildings mapped in front of you, but a tiny bean contains neon and bustling throughout the city. It’s also here that I accidentally deleted all the photos of gopro... The
Jay Pritzker Music Pavilion, Cloud Gate and Crown Fountain are the three most not-to-miss attractions in Millennium Park .

Windy City in April, two days before the snow was falling, but today Yan Yang high shine, but then the sun or the sun accompanied the biting cold, you see the prime distant, dressed in short sleeves, but pushed close The old man in the stroller was already wrapped in heavy cotton. This kind of ice and fire dress is actually very common in the United States~

Millennium Park
Millennium Park

Crown Fountain of the expressions of the characters will continue to change, the Spanish artists Jaume Plensa with a camera recorded the 1000 Chicago facial expressions residents, 10 minutes for a public screen in his mouth would spray water column, to stop tourists bring surprises .

Cloud Gate
Cloud Gate
Cloud Gate
Cloud Gate
Cloud Gate
Millennium Park

Deep pizza!

I had heard of Chicago deep cheese pizza, so decided to take the light rail to the good business Lou Malnati's Pizzeria.

Sitting on the rickety light rail, accompanied by the sound of steel rubbing, watching the tall buildings that go away outside the window, each building has a history written, and there are a group of young people in suits and shoes who are dreaming of the city. struggle.

This is my American first meal to eat, and really very different domestic meal, the waiter will first ask what to drink, then had a long time to not hungry, will be ordering, checkout time is slow, first Give the original price invoice of the food, and finally give a tip~ After a meal, it’s really a protracted battle.

In the United States it seems everything is magnified version, even the salad is a super bowl, I finally make it not work.

Enough chicken wings, keep licking fingers~

Preparation before departure

 Care of the household: the small bar, graduating senior dog, programs Yuan, in the future Shenzhen work, love to travel love life love koalas, Sina Weibo @ Ding stick child visa: the landlord is a senior, so I prepared in accordance with the requirements for a student visa can, first in the United States fill out the form DS160 Embassy official website, then go to the designated site reservation fee interview appointment time, then prepare a variety of materials (in English proof reading, transcripts, resume, salary running account single parents, parents, proof of service, banking Assets certificate, real estate certificate, car certificate, household registration book, travel itinerary, in addition to a large volume of invitation letter, I20, passport homepage, visa page), everyone’s situation is different and the materials prepared are different, but the more the better , To avoid the embarrassing scene of the visa officer asking for any materials but not being able to get it out.

 Face execution:
April 1 April Fool's Day, a sunny Friday, the United States signed before heard great risk students, so hold a trace of apprehension of a person's sense of balance landlord from Jinan went to Beijing , 6:30 to leave for the Ambassador The pavilion is here.. The visa officer is the legendary Asian female visa officer with the highest rejection rate (it feels like an Indonesian). At this time, the host’s heart is a little broken, but fortunately, the host smiles and greets the host calmly throughout the interview, Chinese and English AC switch freely ha ha ha, small blue paper ah ~ so relaxed hand, want to go to United States Students who do not play when we do not try to listen to what the high rejection rate rumors, carefully prepared and sincere exchanges to interview, we will smooth out the sign drop - Transportation: In addition to the New York subway trip ( New York

It’s too congested, car rental is almost a suicide trip), other cities rent cars for the whole journey, avis car rental, airport has free shuttle to rent a carThe company picks up the car, and then follows the google map to start.
On Booking according to their actual needs to be set, the other in Seattle also two days of airbnb

travel plan

Willis Tower

The usa trip, the landlord 21 days to five cities, west to Seattle , Los Angeles , central Chicago , Minneapolis East to New York , because each city has a different feel, so a separate chapter, written about three travel trip plan: Chicago : D1: Chicago Fashion Outlets D2: Willis Tower (Willis Tower) → Cloud Gate - >Millennium Park→

 Deep pizza!


 About the app
map: google map travel notes no longer indicate the route, because google map is really super easy to use in foreign countries.
Food: yelp search for nearby food.
Photography: snapseed HDR landscape promotion, vsco various colors. Mobile card: Taobao. One H20, all kinds of networks are not available, and you’re welcome to give a bad review. It’s recommended to buy an AT&T insurance with a lot of traffic Anthocomb’s overseas insurance. You can choose insurance based on your actual situation, such as the number of days you spend.

 Equipment: gopro hero4 + sony 3N + Canon 6D 24-105 red circle lens + iPhone 6s + Nikon What the camera forgot to be a big friend's Items: storage bag, selfie stick (take three in one breath, octopus, For the mobile phone and the gopro.. In the end, only one was used), umbrella (foreigners don’t like the rhythm of playing umbrellas, for convenience, if you put on the sun, please apply a few more layers of sunscreen), universal adapter (not used ..), memory card (the landlord once a person carrying a SLR to Shenyang play and found that did not bring a memory card .. N degrees below zero standing on the street alone messy feel the whole world is my enemy ha ha), clothing (go United States

Buy on line, do not take too much),
hats sunglasses, credit cards, cosmetics ... I was one of those things with a box, half a box of things useless star people .. so next time I want to travel suitcase "decentralization"! Also Warm reminder essential items for international airplanes: disposable slippers, u-shaped pillows (preferably inflatable), eye masks (it doesn’t matter to me, after all, I’m a star person as soon as I touch the pillow), water cup, facial mask or moisturizer, Ipad or staring at the screen of the plane in a daze. The enclosed space for more than 10 hours is really a place with a high incidence of bacteria. After taking the plane, the resistance is obviously reduced, so you can also bring a disposable mask. PS girls must remove their makeup Ah, try it with 10 hours of makeup.. International flight wifi & seat selection: Because it is not the peak tourist season, the host will get his passport and visa on the 9th and get the air ticket on the 10th, 12 Number and set off. I took China Eastern Airlines and selected seats on the Internet in advance. China Eastern Airlines is a 3-4-3 Boeing aircraft. I felt the suffocation of the crowd through the screen, so I directly chose the last few rows of the aircraft, 71F , Friendly reminder, the last few rows are 2-4-2 structure, all kinds of spacious and comfortable (⊙o⊙)...


The host applied for China Eastern Airlines international flight wifi online~ You can apply for free wifi with your own flight order. After getting on the plane, you can access the Internet according to the redemption code~~~ Internet speed can be used for chatting, and you can get on the plane with your parents. I chatted all the way with the computer QQ, and then tried to watch the live broadcast of May 5th. As expected, it was very stuck.

Millennium Park

Write at the end

The time, the landlord only in Chicago, spent two days, playing one day, if there is little time partner, I would recommend a few places for everyone to play:
1, Navy Pier Chicago's Navy Pier
Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday, Sunday (10: 00-20: 00), Fridays - Saturdays (10: 00-22: 00)
2, Field Museum of Natural History
Field Museum of Natural History
Museum pass: 31 USD / adult and $ 25/65 Seniors or students above, 21 USD/children under 11 years old. General Admission: 18 USD / adult, more than $ 15 / or 65-year-old student and $ 13 / child under 11 years
Opening hours
9: 00-17: 00 (except Christmas Day)

The last of Chicago that impression:
visit five cities City favorite Seattle and Chicago Because these two cities do not rely on the luxurious concrete forests or the prosperous cities like other metropolises to win, Chicago has its own unique architectural complex and urban history. Although the April wind is a bit biting, it is far Without concealing its own charm, Chicago cleverly combines beautiful architecture, original natural beauty and full artistic atmosphere.
There is a saying: Chicago itself is an attraction, you don't need to look for it specially, as long as you spend the time, you will love it.
So in April to Chicago now, there may be unexpected April snow, stroll Chicago , Hear the Wind Sing.

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