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Chicago City Tour, Beauty Travel

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  • Departure time / 2018-04-05
  • Travel days / 3 days
  • People / and friends
  • Per capita cost / 8000RMB

Let me show you the most favorite photos of this trip. I am going to do the design of a friend visiting Chicago various landmarks. Although the schedule is compact, it is substantial and does not leave any regrets. Early April in Chicago is really the weather changes Mo measured two days before the trip has been heard ten degrees twenty degrees want to wear short-sleeved few days we went up and down again to zero. I saw the drifting snow, saw the clear sky, and felt the strong wind. It was complete.

Day1 Arrive in Zhicheng+shopping

My trip from Guangzhou to start. Hainan Airlines Guangzhou flying to Chicago midway in Beijing Turnaround. The round-trip ticket of 3400RMB is simply the price of cabbage. However, it may also be because the connecting flight cannot be checked in at the same time, and the intermediate baggage must be collected and re-checked. Because the delay on the first voyage also made my itinerary full of twists and turns, fortunately, there was no danger in the end. 13:00 arrival in Chicago .
My friend picked me up and went straight to the Fashion Outlets, which is about a 5-minute drive from the outlet mall next to the airport. Inside Coach MK TB, there are big stores in Europe The big Burberry Armani also have those but I didn't shop. We went shopping for more than an hour before and after time, and quickly bought something from Coach Jcrew, Tory Burch looked at it, but his signature shoes really didn't like it, but the price was really cheap, as if it was only $120 after discount. In the end, I was entangled and didn't buy it. No matter how cheap it is, I still want to buy what I like. I rushed into Sketchers in the last 5 minutes and hugged two pairs of shoes. Only 200 pairs of shoes were really cheap. I didn't see clearly a pair of shoes and bought a small size.  

From the outlets back to the city center to my friend’s house exhausted, I was going to eat directly, I plan to sleep for two hours before going out. So this dinner went out at 9 o'clock. Pizzaria Uno is Chicago's oldest do a deep-dish pizza's shop, the price is pretty fair, the environment is similar to the bar or to feel a sense of age. We ordered his specialty pizza, the filling tastes good and the big mouthfuls of cheese are too refreshing to eat. But the texture of the pie crust is very dry and hard, so I decisively eat the filling and leave the crust 

Day2 designers take a look at the architecture

I slept in the next morning. I made coffee at home. Drinking a big cup of freshly brewed coffee at home was so happy. We set off at 10 o’clock and went to a high-end furniture store called RH to eat Brunch.

Each of us ordered a set, ordered a drink and ate our stomachs and turned our heads. We looked back at the three beautiful girls who were in good shape next to each other and ate a pot of grass very happily. This is the gap. 

The mirror has always been an important prop for the two of us

We left the RH furniture store & Brunch at about 12:30. We started the Architecture tour which was edified by architectural knowledge. The itinerary took about an hour and a half to open from the tributary of the river and walk back to the well-known buildings to tell the uniqueness of its style. Interesting anecdote. The upper deck of the boat is 35-40 dollars. The tour guide stands on it and uses a microphone to explain that the downstairs is a floor. The indoor space is very warm, but it is not possible to follow the guide's explanation to see the building on the left and the building on the right. At most, you can see from the window To the base of a building. It was really cold and cold after being on it for almost an hour. A Zhou, my friend as a designer, can answer most of the "Do you know...?" questions asked by the tour guide smoothly. But she said she had participated in this tour too many times. Which talked about a unfinished building will become Chicago 
The highest skyscrapper tour guide asked if he knew who built it and the result was Wanda 

On an interesting guide uncle figure is two-story deck cruise ship now driving over a bridge when the bridge is too high ship will open uncle said Chicago a total of 37 drawbridge is really a river through the city ah

This is a chokepoint base instead of building base is narrower than the top of this anti-science designed to succeed because the roof put four tons of water can be balanced in the windy city throughout the building

This is the famous Corn House. This is a very special design. The parking lot below is all the same. Every house above is exactly the same.

This is the second largest building in the United States. Do you know what the largest building is (imitating the tone of the tour guide) is the Pentagon (Pentagon)

Trump tower up close from the view on the river

When we finished in Chicago on the river boat trip open to the river into the lake from the mark. This design is that the boat will drive to a place like a sluice gate and use the method of closing the gate to control the water level so that the boat can enter and exit between the river and lake.

It was frozen in my shivering and Chicago photo banner. Two blue on the flag on behalf of Chicago two tributaries of the river. Four stars represent the four F, the first one is the fire had burned Chicago Fire. The second is Fort Dearborn. The third and fourth representatives are World Expo twice. (Don’t ask me why the world expo is F. I also forgot... 

This is Wanda in the construction of the project that is to become Chicago's third tallest skyscrapers guide uncle asked everyone know who built it knew who the designer is not it? Friends answer the correct answer later she was kind enough to chat with the tour guide said it was like Jeanne Gang think it is a very talented designer with two building quite an enjoyable chat me a layman interpretation of black question mark face for a moment while the interpretation of embarrassment polite smile next   

This is how it will be built. But I heard that the first round of anti-vibration or wind-proof test has not been reviewed and the design needs to be reviewed...

The house with ripples on the back is called AQUA, which means water. The tour guide said it looked like a waterfall from a distance. I silently think the distance like a residential flats friend said on the balcony of different shapes to form a smooth flow line but this design is also flawed. It is said that some window sills are too narrow. Someone has fallen down... I heard that it was when drunk. 

Navy Pier seen from the boat

After more than an hour of Architecture cruise, it was about 2:30. Our next goal was Art Institute of Chicago because it was not far away. After walking for about 20 minutes, it was so cold. Before traveling are playing uber American interior is still very warm, but really the beginning of April outdoor cold dead

Large green door and the signature of a lion pictured it as it closed at 5 o'clock so do not dawdle ran inside and went to visit friends at the door. For a ticket of $26 per person, we bought the pass together with Willis Tower (it’s also $26 for a single purchase) for a total of $48, which means only 4 yuan is saved. But because Willis tower is also a planned attraction, of course I bought a package ticket  

The most famous is the Museum of Art of Leonardo authentic and Monet and other artists. Seeing Monet with my own eyes is really shocking. The use of this color is really not reflected in the photos. You must use your eyes to see and understand

I did not go to the historical part of the region and the world library but chose abstract contemporary art gallery grew up learning the art of weeks to make a brilliant summation Figure tell a story so good is the master work of art in front of us began to tell a story See who said it is wonderful hahaha 

There is a room filled with N fish-shaped balloons. A balloon filled with a moderate amount of hydrogen can float at any height. It's amazing. We and some kids took a picture of the balloon in the room.  

5:00 punctuality were expelled Museum (we were playing in the room the whole day balloon fish really want to leave this art interactive behavior of the design is really great) We continue to walk to Chicago's highest lookout in the Willis Tower. Although I bought the tickets in advance to avoid the queue to buy tickets, I queued up for half an hour to the transparent box for 20 minutes and went downstairs to the elevator and queued for half an hour. 

Don’t forget to take a photo with Jordan on the wall in a life-size

Day3 landmark tour

Cloud Gate

Too tired to write here first to be continued

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