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Travel with taste buds-fall in love with Chicago

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  • Departure time / 2016-04-21
  • Travel days / 4 days
  • People / and friends
  • Per capita cost / 3000RMB

Preface---About me, a girl who travels with taste buds

I come from Hong Kong , it is a graduating senior, and many young people, like to travel, love food, love the record journey more authentic cuisine. For me, traveling is a kind of reward for myself, but also a kind of relaxation. Every time I go to a new place, I hope to use my taste buds to experience the city, because it makes me more aware of the city. real. In the past, I rarely had the habit of writing travel notes, probably because I found it too troublesome, but as I grow older, I feel that every journey is a memory for me. In order to prevent this memory from becoming blurred, I I began to use pictures and words to restore what I saw and heard during the journey, so that even after many years, I can recall the beautiful journey between the lines.

Purpose and forecast of this trip

I was always a doer, often stay away, this Chicago trip is decided in a short time, in fact, the purpose is to catch up and girlfriends, because we have not seen more than a year. This time the Chicago girlfriends trip only four days and three nights, but in fact I was in the United States To be 17 days, but mainly to visit her boyfriend in LA reading Mr. L, so do not how to go out to play, but a supplement can give you in the end the Los Angeles Food Guide, we want to help the journey.

The super famous "soybeans"

Millennium Park

Mexican flavor brunch, greedy. .

To Chicago, do not eat beef on the loss of your journey, ha ha

About U.S. visas

The US tourist visa is very easy to apply. I personally feel that I don’t need to find an intermediary, because the intermediary may get your information wrong and ask you to prepare too much information. Some are actually unnecessary and the visa officer will not look at it. The following recommendations more biased in favor of students to apply for American tourist visas.  

First, the visa process:
1. First, there is a picture of a white background, you can go directly to the studio to tell her US visa photograph, and then to the electronic version, you can not wash out. (I saved money so I took it myself... You can use PS! P is more beautiful, because the U.S. visa is 10 years old... You know)
2. Fill out the DS160 form. DS160 sure to fill, must be true, but there is no on relatives and friends in the United States this one does not always remember to write, no election has been like, ha ha. Just in case the visa officer thinks you have a tendency to emigrate. Http:// ) This website is a guide for filling out ds160.
Please do remember when filling out the DS160 DS160 his own number, not filling out the back in order to supplement the information
3. US visa official website, Chinese mainland (the page is in Chinese, Baidu search for " US "Visa", the first one), register an account, and then start to fill in the things for the appointment interview. Fill in the middle part and there will be a payment, that is, go to the CITIC Bank to pay. If there is CITIC Bank’s online banking, you can directly use the Internet, other bank cards only You can pay at the ATM of China CITIC Bank without queuing. (PS: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan can only use ATMs, because our ID computer can’t identify them. Keep the receipt after paying the money. Go to the counter to get the receipt, and the receipt must be kept. , above numbers are to be filled in the United States on the visa site)
4. When you pay the money back to the US visa of the site can make an appointment be signed in time.
the sign face after the end of waiting to get a passport like
two, visa Materials (B1/B2 for travel and family visits) [Special for student travel]
1. Passport
2. DS160
3. Appointment confirmation form
4. China CITIC Bank payment receipt
5. My half-year bank statement (final deposit is 30,000)
6. Travel itinerary (you can make a fake one with Qiongyou Travel Assistant, haha. Go to the website of Qiongyou Travel Assistant to make it, and finally you can generate a special visa Itinerary)
Certificate of enrollment 8. Student ID
9. Family portrait
10. For the reservation of a hotel in the United States, use a credit card to book one on Booking or Agoda, and you can cancel after face-to-face.
11. Ticket order, if you have not booked it yet, you can Don’t bring
a copy of your parents’ ID.
3. About face-to-face visas: (Generally, tourist visas are ""Chinese"" Q&A First of all, please keep smiling! Smile all the way to the end, ask what to say when answering questions, try to be concise. Otherwise it is easy to be questioned. I was refused Young (immigrant) because we are a Hong Kong account, he might be curious, ask a lot of questions such as 

, In which your parents, you come to China how long, and
when he asked me my following questions
1. Do you go to the United States do? Travel, no senior class
2. You are Hong Kong people ah? You come to China How long?
3. Where are your parents? xxx
4. Which university are you at? xxx University
5. What major? xxxx
6. Then I started to look through my passport to see which country I had been to. She saw Feizhou Uganda , asked me to go to Uganda to do?
I was excited and spoke English. to Volunteer
7. Then it becomes a problem in English, you harvest what balabala help Africa Children, teach them Chinese kung fu and Chinese
8. you in the United States have any relatives? No (try to say no, otherwise there is a tendency to emigrate)
9. Is anyone going with you? No, themselves
10. You go to the United States there? LA
11. When did you go to America ? xxxx
finally, has been typing typing. Then I said congratulations. I passed and
gave me a blue paper with the time to get my passport.
🔥 [TIPS]: it would be best not to say that the United States have relatives, not to mention other countries, or because of immigrant and refused. I learned brother said his sister to marry in Canada , then rejected. Say directly to the United States Travel shopping is the best, without detailed explanation.

About air tickets

I have been to the United States twice, no more than twice the ticket money 4000rmb.
My advice is to "advance booking", of course, sometimes there are airline promotions, such as No. 5.12 Hainan Airlines domestic flight to Los Angeles round-trip ticket tax is only 1,299 yuan, but this kind of thing is not often, it is proposed in the first Look at the approximate prices on price comparison websites such as Skyscanner, and then buy according to your needs.
Personally recommend buying tickets on the two websites "Ctrip" & "Go!"
Facilitate communication problems, and can properly handle the problems
of my own for the first time to the United States because of Flights encountered when the bug. I bought a connecting ticket between Air China and Delta Air Lines, but when I arrived at the airport, the check-in counter told me that because Air China and Delta had terminated another partnership, my air ticket could not be issued, so I could contact Ctrip by myself. I was more responsible for Ctrip. I changed my flight for the next day and paid for my hotel expenses that night.
So I suggest you choose a more reliable agent! !
This time I start with China to la play for a while, way to go in Chicago , So go to Chicago time to buy is the American Delta Airlines (Delta). I am sprinting for the Delta Air Lines Platinum Card, so when I buy a ticket, I directly lock in Delta Air Lines, so I don’t look at other airlines. The price is not expensive because it needs to be transited. The round-trip tax is 1758rmb, after all. America West is to fly to the eastern United States, more than half of the United States I have passed it through, and because I have a gold card, I can check one piece of luggage for free. Normally, domestic airlines in the United States are not allowed to check baggage for free. You need to purchase a separate baggage allowance. You must pay attention!
🔥[TIPS]: Some airlines can buy baggage allowance on Taobao, such as American Airlines, and there will be a lot of discounts on the price, so babies who need it can refer to it.
------------------------------------------------ gorgeous The dividing line of -----------------------------------------
I wrote on Weibo Have an article on "How to Buy Special Air Tickets & How to Buy Regular Air Tickets Cost-effective"
Friends who are just interested can check out:

About the hotel (Airbnb)

I have been heard American airbnb house is like, and girlfriends and tourist map is the ability to follow their own mind, so this time simply did not take into account the hotel. But because of the relatively late before deciding to go to Chicago , so a predetermined relatively late, relatively few houses, but we are particularly good luck, the election to the super amazing house! Not only the location is good, the transportation is convenient, and there are parking spaces, the landlord is also a financial man who knows how to live, hahaha   
This is the house we live in👇👇👇

Local traffic

Because girlfriends are driving to Chicago , so we day2 is in addition to the subway to travel outside, other times are by car, good driving skills and girlfriends, all the way is going well! 👻👻👻👻👻
in Chicago Traveling can rent a car for self-driving, you can also choose to travel by subway, you can also uber or public transport, Chicago is not like la, it is difficult to travel without a car. Chicago The public transportation is quite convenient. Many people basically commute to work by subway or bus. For example, our host does not have a car.
However, I still want to explain to you that
Chicago is a city with a relatively high crime rate, and robberies and rapes happen from time to time. I suggest you take care of your own safety.
🔥【TIPS】Try to travel by subway before 8pm! !
Although my girlfriends and I still take the subway home at 10 o'clock in the evening, we don't recommend everyone to be like us, especially if you live far away from downtown, it is recommended that you take an uber or taxi when you go home at night. Although we live only four away from the downtown station, but after 21:00, subway stations are basically black, Asian people are you not see the 🌚🌚, really glad that night safe and sound back to the host family.
👇👇 This is our car, is it cute? 

There are 8 lines on the Chicago subway, which are distinguished by different colors.
Single-ride fare is 3 knife / Zhang
1-day pass 10 knife / Zhang
3-day pass 20 knife / piece
7-day pass 28 knife / Zhang
👇 attach Chicago subway map (we ordered airbnb on the blue line Division Station)

Local humanities

Chicago next to Lake Michigan , so the wind is particularly large! Also known as: Windy City. And because it is next to the lake, you can see a super beautiful lake view in downtown, and many roads are replaced by iron bridges! Particularly like Chicago , but said the winter in Chicago great snow, great to be able to kind of bury half of the body    . Chicago is an unsafe city with a high crime rate. Many travel notes suggest not to go out after 9:00 pm. Okay, my girlfriend and I think the area where we live is safer, so we are still at home after 10 o’clock in the evening. Supper nearby. Then I went for a run in the morning. Sure enough, they are two people with very hard fate. Please ignore that my girlfriend and I were very excited that day. After running, we went to play and didn't even change clothes.   

🎀A must-have app for American travel

👇👇👇I specially built a US tag

1. YELP 🍔🍟🌭🍕🍝
"American version of the public comment"-YELP, the above evaluation is quite accurate, but I feel that there are not many people who have evaluated in the past few years. Many restaurants have opened and the evaluations are 2 or 3 years ago , But it can still be used for reference. After all, are not familiar with a place, if you did not do your homework in advance cuisine, temporary walk in may not necessarily tasty , but use it to search very easy to find at any good restaurant nearby, but also navigate directly to the price from the cheap to expensive , Divided into four levels: 💲, 💲💲, 💲💲💲, 💲💲💲💲 💲 10-20 dollars per person 💲💲 30-40 dollars per person  

2. Booking, Airbnb 🏩
First of all, if you are staying in a hotel, you must have a hotel booking app like booking or agoda, such as domestic Ctrip, eLong, and Go. Secondly, if you want to experience airbnb like me, remember to download the app so that you can contact the landlord.
👇👇👇This is the airbnb that I booked. In order to protect the privacy of the host, I deleted
his avatar and name. You can search for keywords by yourself

3. Google map ⛽️ 🚏
must have, the geographical location is really special and accurate (there are satellite real map version and normal version), and can give multiple route options and estimated arrival time, generally quite accurate, and if there is a car accident on the way Or traffic jams will also be marked (red means traffic jam, green means unobstructed). I have a lot of ant cellular United States saw the Raiders to share with the United States latitude and longitude coordinates of some attractions, I personally feel that it is not necessary, just need to remember attractions English name on it, a good collection in advance of going to, at any time on navigation Can go now.

4. Ma honeycomb 🌋
You can use your mobile phone to scan the guide when you are fine. If you see the guide you like, take a screenshot or save it in advance. Not just to the United States tour, to travel where you can go ahead on both sites or app doing the homework, the more you understand the journey would be more natural and smooth (Techno゚▽゚) Techno
and now there are many ant cellular Travel Packages tickets and various attractions of Las Vegas 's show can buy tickets at the top, very convenient! 

5. North America to save money Express, Amazon 👙 👠
If you go to the United States is not just tourism, but also to be a long time, I would suggest that you have to download a "Express" because it will often push a discount news, there is a need You can buy it and send it directly to your home, which is not only cheaper but also saves time for shopping. Hahahahaha 🔥In fact, I thought of another point later! You can travel in front in China 

Things to buy, a friend in the United States and just to see if sent directly to a friend's house, if you can not express to the hotel, so that even in China can buy in advance buy buy

Amazon feels like the US version of Taobao. You can buy everything. If you are not in a hurry to return to China, you can buy it slowly. But we must remember to switch to the US account number and address of the Oh! !

------------------------------------------I am the dividing line of Meimei-- -------------------------------------------------- -
Travels started! !

Chicago girlfriend tour Day1

Eat: LongHorn Steakhous
Live: airbnb
Line: mini cooper clubman
Play: On the first day of the Korean spa,
I flew from la to Chicago at four or five in the afternoon . After picking me up, my girlfriend asked me what I want to eat. Want to eat "steak steak"! We all know that Chicago is a very famous beef processing ground! Of course the first meal here is to eat cow!

We ordered two salads and two staple, proved salad too much sake, simply eat it, if you go to the store, remember that a point is enough!

I ordered the ribeye steak (RIBEYE), which was half cooked, it was really super juicy and delicious
I saw this picture when I was writing the strategy, I was really starving to death   

After dinner, it was late, we're going straight to the host family put away the luggage to go to South Korea spa! !
Chicago is not big, and it takes only half an hour to drive from the airport to the city, so we will be at the host house soon.
The house we live in is really good and very clean. I ca
n’t help but put the picture again ⚈้̤͡ ˌ̫̮ ⚈้̤͡

Done and luggage, and drove the car girlfriends car to South Korea SPA Pavilion relax slightly! This SPA was recommended by a classmate of a girlfriend, and there was a coupon at the time. The original price is 40 dollars per person, and the discounted price is 24 dollars. It is a good deal. The point is that it is very clean, there are many types of steaming, and there are not many people. , Very comfortable.

All kinds of steaming rooms, each one has its own characteristics.
If you are tired during the day, it is a good choice to come here to relax at night, but it is best to have a car, because the SPA is not in downtown and public transportation is not available. Method to reach, but it is also possible to call uber!


Eat: brunch: Dove's Luncheonette,
dinner: minghin restaurant,
supper: matt,
live: airbnb
line: subway single metro pass (single ticket)
play: Millennium Park, Chicago sightseeing, Willis Tower the
next morning, because before in China reported online marathon, so a person get up early to run 10km, ran to see Chicago features graffiti in the city, it feels very special to readily took a few, hope you like it. I especially like the feeling of measuring the world with my feet, hahahaha, of course the plane will be faster, but I prefer running! After running home to wake up my best friend, it was noon after freshening up, so I went straight to eat brunch(๑‾ ꇴ ‾๑)

This restaurant is what I saw in a travel program on the aircraft, usually eat American breakfast, thinking about a change of taste, I chose this Mexican flavor

I ordered fried oysters with omelette (a lot of tomatoes are sandwiched in the middle, which is very delicious). Girlfriends point is Mexico ravioli with avocado, to be honest I do not know Mexico what is the dumplings, but they taste good, a bit like the inside of a side dish China 's mustard greens

dove's luncheonette

Satiated! To begin the next play, go to Millennium Park to see today that "the soybean child", take a cruise to see Chicago cityscape at night to see the board will tower Chicago Night 9 (˃̶͈௰˂̶͈) و
Day 2 travel tools: the subway!
What we bought is a single ticket, 3 dollars/piece

Millennium Park is relatively close to "Washington" on the Blue Line, so we took the station and walked there. The way will pass through downtown, you can see a very famous Chicago Theater!

Various tall buildings surround the street

Navigate with google map, and when I went to Millennium Park
, many trees were blooming, it was very beautiful

👇👇👇 This is the legendary "Soybean"

Millennium Park

After taking the photos, hurry up to eat! Originally wanted to eat a Japanese-style barbecue, but later because I didn’t want to line up and my girlfriend wanted to eat Chinese food, we later chose this Minghin Cuisine 

As a native of Hong Kong people, we strongly recommend in Chicago want to eat Cantonese to this house, because it is really delicious hin \ (^ o ^) /, and the price is not expensive, the environment is also very good.

After dinner, seeing that it was almost dark, we headed to the last stop of the day: Willis Tower!
There are 103 floors! !

Ticket price:
22/adult 14/child Opening hours: April-September 9:00-22:00 October-March 10:00-20:00

We arrived almost nine o'clock that night, but there were not many people, so we went up in a few minutes.
Throughout the 103-story building on Chicago night view, really beautiful   

Looking at the perfect night view, my girlfriend and I plan to take the subway home. At that time, I didn't think there was anything, but looking back now, I think we are really bold! Two people with very hard fate Because it was almost ten o'clock at that time, there were basically no people on the road in downtown. A subway Asian people do not, but fortunately we have a safe home. I should have gone to bed after a simple wash! At this time, I told my girlfriend that I was hungry. When I was going out to eat, my girlfriend calmly replied: Okay, let's go, go to the Asian food you want to try downstairs. There is really no need to explain between girlfriends, he will understand what you want to do with your words! And will fully cooperate with you ️️️   

This Mott restaurant downstairs was searched on yelp when I was fine the day before. I didn't expect it to be so delicious! Especially the grilled chicken wings! I just want to take it back to LA for male tickets! 

We ordered two Japanese wine, chicken wings and pickles cake
kimchi cake practices and traditions of Korea are very different, thin middle ground leather wrapped kimchi and Massu lira cheese, to go into the pan fried, produced very good taste ! But I still prefer chicken wings!   
Different general and grilled wings, the sauce is made with Korean chili peppers 🌶️ ➕ Chinese hybrid version, the taste is awesome, especially after eating meet

Finally fell asleep in the sweet chicken wings, looking forward to the morning sun the next day


Eat: breakfast walk in
lunch: food count
dinner: India House Restaurant
live: airbnb
line: mini cooper clubman
play: shedd aquarium The third day of
shopping in downtown Shedd Aquarium
, go for a morning jog with your best friend in the morning, chat while running, Recalling a lot of the past in junior high school, I was very happy.
After running, we randomly found a breakfast shop and had an American breakfast, so there was no name.

After breakfast, we went out to play without even changing our sportswear. It turns out that it is better to change a suit next time. , It’s better to take pictures that way. Chicago ’s shedd aquarium is very famous. Although it is not very big, there are many species of aquatic animals in it. There are also well-known beluga shows, dolphin shows, etc.   

Since it was noon after spending two or three hours in it, I bought spaghetti for lunch directly from Food Count, which tasted good (greedy)

[TIPS]: Next Aquarium is Chicago's famous " Field Museum," the exhibition often have great Oh! Interested friends can find out in advance

The afternoon activity is to buy, buy, buy! !
My girlfriends and drive directly to the Los Angeles downtown of "Michigan Avenue Michigan Avenue", basically a collection of various brand-name here, some shopping malls as well as Chinese shopping guide, it is an excellent service.
In the end, my girlfriend took a Gucci Dionysus and went home. It was
simply too beautiful (◕‿◕✿)

As the saying goes cure-all, but a pack of hungry can not cure, do not know why that day especially want to eat Indian food, so he quickly Yelp it, then check this one India House Restaurant

We ordered coconut shrimp curry, beef curry and a garlic flavor Indian bread (Naan), taste super good, but unfortunately men do not vote like to eat Indian food, so that only together will eat and girlfriends

Indian Chicken Curry
Indian Curry Shrimp

We will go home after eating! Because I had to fly back to LA the next morning, we both went to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening, hahahaha, it really doesn’t match our previous day! But, please continue to look down! !

Day4 (last day)

Eat: chi cafe Mongkok Kitchen
living: back home
line: ️ airport
on the last day, more than nine in the morning plane back to LA, girlfriends big four in the morning I woke up to it cried out to eat Korean food! !
It's a pity that the restaurant recommended on Yelp had wrong opening hours, and finally we switched to eating Cantonese food for breakfast! Went for breakfast at five in the morning. It was also very hard. ฅ•̀∀•́ฅ
chose a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant in China Town Chi Cafe Mong Kok Small kitchen

Chi Cafe

Maybe we are too hungry. One person ordered a staple food, but in the end there were too many to eat.
The taste of the dishes is not bad, but there is no need to go to eat and go
back to the host's house to pack up after dinner, and set off for the airport! Just four days and three nights in Chicago girlfriends on this tour end it!
I hope you like my travel notes ٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)
------------------------------------ -----------------Perfect dividing line----------------------------- ------------------

Recommended things to do in Chicago

1. Route 66 (US Route 66) is also known as "Mother Road", " American Main Street", and "Will Rogers Road". The starting point is Illinois in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica, California. The scenery along the way is not ordinary beauty, you can drive slowly, and you can play for more than half a month from the start to the end.

2. Lincoln Park Zoo (Lincoln Park Zoo) accounted for Lincoln south side of the park, a zoo is not large scale, but let the American people are glad to see that here is a rare completely free zoo, and some even then said the world's best free zoo, and this is the United States One of the oldest zoos.

3. Chicago Broadway is a good choice for you to watch a classic drama

4. Buckingham Fountain is one of the largest fountains in the world. Located on Columbus Avenue (Columbus Drive). Located in the beautiful Grant Park, it is the most historic building in the city.

5. Chicago Bulls NBA Any basketball fan who walks into the United Center will pay tribute to the huge statue of Michael Jordan in the center. To the United States do not see a NBA do not feel very loss, ha ha ha ha

6. Chicago Art Museum is the world's top art galleries, there is the United States the largest collections of Impressionist paintings, including the world-renowned Monet (Monet), Renoir (Renoir), Cezanne (Seurat), Van Gogh (Van Gogh), etc. works.

7. Chicago Food Festival Every July, the world's largest outdoor food festival kicks off in Grant Park. Your taste buds will be challenged by more than 200 different cuisines! Including American, Indian , Italian , French, Chinese, Irish Cuisine and African cuisine and so on.

[Other famous food festivals]
1) 6-corner barbecue festival
Turkey legs, burgers , chicken breasts, ribs, all kinds of barbecue will be unveiled at the barbecue festival. This annual barbecue festival is especially suitable for the whole family. There will be performances by local bands on the two stages. In the lively market, there are not only food and handicrafts made on-site, but also dramas and children's games temporarily set up on the street.
Time: 20-21 June 2015
Location: Portage Park, Corners of Milwaukee Ave., Cicero Ave. & Irving Park Rd.
2) Windy City Food Festival fireworks
this popular food festival, will the United States Three major traditions: barbecue, beer and country music are a perfect fusion. From Texas musicians, Georgia and even further afield Chicago 's top musicians will be on the same stage, bringing to bring the highest level of country music performances. Grammy-nominated musician Chris Young will join many musicians in this year's food festival.
Time: 10-12 July 2015
Location: River North, Chicago River at The Grand Ave. Along
3) Latin American flavor
want to taste from more than 10 Latin American Is it a national cuisine? This year's La Meidao Food Carnival has been held for the third year. In addition to food, there will be music, beer, wine, etc. to add to the fun of the food festival, and many talented artists will also attend.
Time: August 2015 1-2 May
Location: Logan Square, Central Park and Armitage (3600 W.)
4) the Greektown Taste
Hellenic parade has swept the Chicago 30 years, the food and culture festival will be in Chicago West, Loop is on. In addition to food, music and other entertainment activities are indispensable, bands, artists, etc. will come together to celebrate.
Time: August 22-23, 2015
Location: West Loop, 400 S. Halsted St.

8. Chicago's China Town is located in the south of the city, where around a variety of shops, restaurants and landmarks, such as Tan Jiping Memorial Park (Ping Tom Memorial Park) and Buddhist temples, always exudes a lively and rich cultural life of the community. Many delicious Chinese restaurants are also gathered here.

9. Adler Planetarium is the first planetarium located in the Western Hemisphere. You must go to the Grainger Sky Theater to experience the charm of top technology cinema. Take the Gemini 12 spacecraft and hop on the Lunar Leap to experience what is called "Lunar Scale", and don’t forget to weigh yourself on the moon!

10. Everyone at the Chicago Music Festival knows the legend of blues and jazz. But in Chicago, you can also find Hip-Hop, classical music, folk music , roots and alternative rock, electronic music, and rock and roll tradition. Regardless of your taste in music, in Chicago You can always find what you like.

1) Chicago Gospel Music Festival
Time: May 29–31, 2015
Location: Millennium Park (Millennium Park)
Website: The
Gospel Music Festival originated in the Bronzeville community and was held in the 20th century. Today, this annual music festival continues the tradition, and many well-known singers, choirs and dance groups will attend. More than 30,000 people come to participate in the festival every year. 2015 will be the 30th anniversary of the Gospel Music Festival.
Tips: Don’t miss the art fairs held on Saturdays and Sundays, where local artists will sell their own handmade products, artworks, jewelry, and clothing.
2) Chicago Blues Music Festival
Time: June 12-14, 2015
Location: Grant Park (Grant Park)
Chicago is a veritable "blues capital of the world", it is the history and soul of this city. Under the impetus of influential musicians such as Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon, Chicago blues music is famous all over the world. Both of these musicians and will attend the 2015 Petrillo Music Hall, and we celebrate the 32nd Chicago Blues Festival. This is the world's largest free blues festival, also in Chicago The biggest music festival. In 3 days, more than 500,000 music fans went to Grant Park. Don't forget to bring a small blanket to enjoy the auditory feast brought to you by the world's top blues musicians!
Tip: The Chicago Blues Festival is more than just a celebration of music. The entire month of May is called "Blues Moon". People in the city will celebrate and spread their love for blues music. Many lectures, movies and travels will be promoted during this period.
3) Chicago Jazz Festival
Time: September 3-6, 2015
Venue: Millennium Park (Millennium Park)
Chicago Summer is always lively, especially this weekend of Labor Day. This is Chicago 's oldest free lakefront music festival. Lasting four days and nearly 50 live performances, jazz is always the biggest feature of the annual music festival.
Tips: During the evening rush hour, many jazz clubs in Chicago will continue to play music until the crowd in the Jay Pritzker pavilion gradually disperses.
[The above text is transferred from GO|USA]


I mainly recommend five personal favorites, which are convenient for everyone to eat when traveling.
1. Gyu-Kaku
Japanese yakiniku restaurant, beef tongue is highly recommended by everyone, but my girlfriend thinks his various kinds of beef are also quite good. But its home is an online celebrity shop, and it is often necessary to line up. If you want to eat, it is recommended to book a place on the official website one day in advance.

2. Pierrot Gourmet
Brunch and dessert are the main ones . It is a restaurant under the Peninsula Hotel. It is very cost-effective and the desserts are worth trying.

3. Nico Osteria
Italian dishes, specializes in seafood, though Chicago is not a main city seafood dishes, but some restaurant food is still very fresh. This dinner is very good, you must try it (๑>◡<๑)

There are many choices for RPM Steak , the soft outfit is very fashionable , the environment is like a bar, the price is relatively high, but the choice of side dishes is much more than the traditional steakhouse, it is recommended to try 

5.Bohemian House
has McNair off food, Austrian dishes and German dishes, are even more biased ideas, every dish is super unique, girlfriends strongly recommended (• ε •) ฅ

If everyone in the Chicago time is relatively long, may wish to refer to know about the almost "Juzo Itami" wrote one Chicago northern suburbs Raiders (know almost for " Chicago What delicious" you can see). Open all the way north from downtown, the scenery along the way especially the United States, in his heart of North Chicago Is the Chicago representatives spirit.
Enclose some views of the US food map


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