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Christmas Trip to Chicago-Beauty Travel

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  • Departure time / 2017-12-20
  • Travel days / 6 days
  • People / and friends


This is America 's second Christmas, want to escape from the countryside to cities city around, feel "the tall" Christmas atmosphere. Another trip of Oda classmates started again!
The destination is set at the "Wind City" relatively close to the village ---- Chicago is
ready to be baptized by the wind.  

6 days itinerary

12.20 (DAY1)
Morning: arrive around 9:00 Chicago
11:00 arrival
pm: Cloud Gate, Millennium Park
at night: Chicago Lookout Skydeck Chicago (citypass covers)
12.21 (DAY2)
morning: Chicago Museum of Art (citypass covered)
in the afternoon : Daley Plaza Christmas Market
12.22 (DAY3)
Morning: Navy Pier, Field Museum, The Field Museum (covered by citypass)
Afternoon: Shedd Aquarium (covered by citypass)
12.23 (DAY4)
Shopping! Chop your hands! Day Shopping!
12.24 (DAY5)
[because of the weather in a hotel alone am]
pm: Michigan Avenue, Cloud Gate, Millennium Park beat Snow
at night: China City Town China
12.25 (DAY6)
Morning: 360 Chicago 360 CHICAGO (covered by citypass)
Afternoon: Return to the village!

Preliminary preparation (accommodation and Citypass)

Bought a round-trip ticket online in advance, Citypass, book a hotel (Dewitt Hotel and Suites)
Citypass: Simply put, it is a package of city tourist attractions, which can be booked on the official website. You can freely match five attractions.
CityPASS ticket includes:
1. Shedd Aquarium - Priority admission
2. Chicago Lookout - Fast channel ticket
3. Field Museum - VIP tickets
4. Museum of Science and Industry or 360 Chicago - Fast Channel Tickets
The Adler Planetarium - VIP tickets or Chicago Art Museum - Fast channel Tickets
[see website for more details: ]

Hotel: Dewitt Hotel and Suites during the
Christmas holidays, I thought the hotels would be expensive, but I didn't expect it! The price is not bad! It costs 63 dollars a night. The nearest bus stop is a 5-minute walk away. There are various large shopping malls nearby. It is next to John Hancock Center. The point is! There is also a mini Chinese breakfast shop! Although there are only some steamed buns, porridge, dumplings, and rice noodles, it is a little happiness for us.
This hotel is remodeled from an old apartment building, so it will be a bit old, but overall it is pretty good and cost-effective. I found pictures on the Internet for your reference.


The title of Windy City deserves it! Wind straight drilled clothes, most of the way to see the pedestrians are wearing the Canada Goose, wind! I brought a down jacket and a windbreaker. If I wear a down jacket, the clothes inside can be worn a bit less, because the room is still quite hot, I am wearing a sweater. If I wear a trench coat, I will match a gray woolen sweater inside. Scarves and gloves are indispensable. They can't be small scarves. They must be big so that they can wrap the ears. Scarves can choose brighter colors, such as 

 red. It's the finishing touch when shooting snow scenes! Those who are afraid of cold must remember! long johns! long johns! long johns! Say the important thing three times! I wore it anyway, but it was still cold even after I wore it If you want to wear a skirt, wear a pair of velvet leggings. Although it will make your legs look a lot thicker, life is important, so don't worry about your mother. If you have snow boots, put them on quickly. I am wearing the classic style of UGG, which is all-match and warm. It doesn't matter if you don't have snow boots, just wear thick socks.

Day 1

As a purebred southerner, I am a little excited to go to a snowy place in winter. Before dawn, I left with my friends to catch a plane at the airport.
When we got off the plane, we couldn't help sighing that the villagers finally entered the city. The top priority is to solve the traffic problem. Public transportation in big cities is still good. Chicago 's small trains (that is, subways) and buses shuttle around all corners of the city. We chose to buy two bus cards (Ventra) at the exit of the airport. For the convenience of tourists, the bus card has a package option, I will not introduce it here (this post has a very detailed introduction http:// ). Just entered the subway station, I saw a small train with a slowly into the cold, with Guangzhou Metro completely immeasurably, I have begun to suspect that he is not in a big city City of.

We got on the small train bound for the city center. As the small train moved slowly, the height of the building outside the window gradually rose, and our enthusiasm began to burn. However, when I arrived at the station, the moment I left the station was the most exciting moment. One after another, building cloud-capped, as if returned to Guangzhou . Along the way, only the amazing sound again and again, the two "never seen the world," the girl finally officially entered the city, feeling the Chicago way related to pedestrian village are not the same, more elegant and more dignified and more stylish. We walked for about 15 minutes and arrived at the booked hotel. After hurriedly storing our luggage, we were hungry and "rushed" out like hungry wolves to find food. Of course, it is the food of choice for Chicago The famous deep dish pizza. We ate at Giordano's shop of the classic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, although super delicious, but even the smallest part of the point, the two of us still could not eat, packaged to go back for supper.

After eating and drinking, we went out to play again, fully armed.
Get on the bus, ran all the way to Cloud Gate, because the winter in Chicago dark early, when reaching the Cloud Gate is already dusk, the lights one after another lit up, tourists and more gradually, I actually in Chicago felt Guangzhou A brightly lit night.

After a brief stay, we decided to go to a higher place enjoy the night, so we came to Chicago observation deck. The observation deck is on the Willis Tower, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and the high-speed elevator whizzes up at a speed of 1,600 feet (488 meters) per minute to the top floor. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows on all sides, the Chicago night view is now being the perfect show in front of us on a "ledge" (the ledge) -. Chicago The 103-story glass-story balcony! God's perspective is enough to make you feel the shock this city brings to you.

The outdoor temperature is getting lower and lower. As a southerner with no cold resistance skills, the calories lost can only be made up by eating. On the way back, I saw a 7-11, went in and packed some fried chicken wings back to the hotel to eat.
There are still people coming and going on the street, everyone is rushing home to enjoy the family dinner, everyone's face is not tired, but expectation and happiness.

As night fell, we are against the wind in Chicago shuttle night.

Day 2

I have heard that Chicago is full of art everywhere, and it is a walking art museum. Today we choose to feel the Chicago Art Museum, and Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet come to meet it.
The Chicago Museum of Art is next to Cloud Gate. Taking advantage of the good weather today, take a classic photo.

The Chicago Museum of Art can be described as an encyclopedia-like collection, where you can witness the style of masters like Van Gogh. Each collection tells a wonderful story of artistic creation. It is considered to be one of the best and most comprehensive collections in the world, boasting the most outstanding contemporary art models. There are not only paintings, but also many manuscripts and works of design masters. In the mini-estates Thorne Hall, you can list during the late 13th century to the 1930s in Europe typical indoor decoration, as well as American furniture during the 17th century to the 1930s. The museum makes me feel like going back in time, and it makes me lament the extraordinary of modern art.

After enjoying the beautiful art, we found a bridge from another exit. It happens to be the twilight period, how can the young girl who has just received artistic influence let go of this great opportunity to take pictures. The lights at night came on one by one, and Chicago was quickly shrouded in colorful lights. The Christmas atmosphere is slowly permeating every corner of the city.  

Smug half an hour of us, hurried to the set one day before a good night's Japanese-style barbecue restaurant "horns" Gyu-Kaku, this restaurant is said to be Chicago's best to eat Japanese-style barbecue restaurant, has long wanted to visit. Friends who want to come to eat must remember to make an appointment in advance, because it is too hot, and it is common to wait in a 3-hour queue. We are witty to book a seat long ago, as long as we arrive at the restaurant on time. As soon as I walked to the entrance of the restaurant, I saw that the people in line had already lined up outside, and the smell of barbecue was tangy. Eating meat is the correct way to open it in winter. We can’t wait to order the meat we want to eat. The meat is tender, fatty but not greasy. With the seasoning on the table, it is perfect! It's so delicious!   

How can you not get some ice cream after eating the barbecue? Although it is winter, it cannot prevent our girls from loving ice cream. Apart from anything else, the waiter directly served us a matcha ice cream. Far better than Hagen also delicious Darth!

After a full meal in the barbecue restaurant, we also started the last activity of the day-visiting the Daley Plaza Christmas Market. Chicago's Daley Plaza Christmas market, derived from the German Nuremberg Christmas tradition. In 1996, the German American Chamber of Commerce, with these European Style rally, brought to the Chicago Herald Square (Pioneer Court). In 1996, the fair attracted more than 750,000 visitors. In recent years, it has become the largest Christmas fair in the United States, welcoming more than one million visitors every year. The exhibition business on the Christmas market, many from Germany , Ukraine , Austria came all the way. Here, you can buy pure German chocolate, beer and European specialties candy decorations as well as arts and crafts festival. (Data from the North American Express to save money) Here we feel the Chicago people for the upcoming Christmas season full of expectations.

Day 3

We woke up early on the third day and went to Navy Plaza. The cold wind slapped our fleshy little faces mercilessly. Although the weather is not very good, the scenery is still good. The amusement park has not opened yet, so I can only stand in the distance and take a photo with the Ferris wheel.

It is also good to get up early for a walk by the lake, the wind is blowing, accompanied by seagulls. Then we near the bus stop ride to the Field Museum, The Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium Shedd Aquarium personal feeling Field Museum comparative worth, but aquarium like a general, Zhuhai   

Chimelong's is better than this.
Field Museum highlights:
-DNA Discovery Center: When you observe and interact with scientists working on DNA extraction, you can watch actual research.
-SUE the T. rex: Bravely face SUE the T. rex, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus in the world. Walk into the world of SUE and discover the awesome mystery of fossil life that scientists have uncovered for us.
-Underground Adventure: Shrink the body to the size of a small insect. From the perspective of a small insect, explore this environment that is a hundred times larger than the normal size.
-Grainger Hall of Gems: See exquisite rare jewelry and gold objects in the world's largest collection of gems and stones.
- Ancient Egypt Inside: enter an ancient Egyptian Grave, where there are 23 Egyptian mummies and hieroglyphics 5,000 years ago.
-Cyrus Tang Hall of China (Cyrus Tang China Pavilion): Explore the culture of a traditional, deep and dynamic changes of the history of civilization for thousands of years one of the most influential retroactive world.
-Brontosaurus Máximo: Get up close and personally experience Brontosaurus, the largest dinosaur in history.
-Evolving planet: Walk through the 4 billion years of life on the earth, wander among hordes of dinosaurs, and watch fossils made in the scientist's laboratory.
(The information comes from )

When quick stroll out after dark, and we hurried to take the bus back to Chicago, the city, the way to see the Chicago Theater, the bus Christmas, Christmas is getting closer and closer to us.

Day 4

Today's Chicago finally has the power to exercise the sun , the sun slipped into Chicago every corner of the countdown for the arrival of Christmas.    
Today is Shopping Day, I took some street scenes. When a woman is shopping, she must not half-hearted, and she must focus, especially on holidays, and not miss every discount.

The petite and petite beauties of the same company, at this moment of shooting, the smile is like the coffee in hand, warming our hearts

Day 5

Today is Christmas Eve, and there is heavy snow in Chicago . I woke up early in the morning and saw the snow scene outside the window. I jumped out of bed excitedly and shouted excitedly: "Wow! What a big snow! Jiaojiao, get up and take a look! "As a Jiaojiao who grew up in the north with goose feathers and snowy days, she glanced at it and said: "This is not a heavy snow, this is only a little bit of snow, not afraid." But it was enough for me. Snow coming to Chicago 
Bring more full-bodied flavor of Christmas, the snow also concealing Chicago Christmas colors.

  Snow the next stop, shoes and pants were soaked, shivering in the cold we still adhere to the wound and went to China Town. Reach China when the city is already evening. Because it was Christmas Eve , I had a Chinese meal with my family. It tasted like home, so good.     

Day 6

The last day of this trip was sunny. Suddenly some sad, probably because of the city with Guangzhou too much like it. To the airport in time for the last spot went to punch --360 on John Hancock Center Tower Chicago (360 CHICAGO), see here every road in the journey traveled and seen every attraction, a taste of Chicago 

Panoramic scenery of the lake.

Chicago , goodbye, looking forward to our next meeting    

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