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"Crazy" Chicago Go! Go! Go!

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  • Departure time / 2016-10-17
  • Travel days / 4 days
  • People / and friends

Chicago is in addition to St. Louis from the town nearest metropolis card. Four days of fall break, enter the city!

10.07.2016 Firday at
12:30 noon, rubbing roommates TiTi and Duckie's car, and Liz and Ms. Zhao went all the way north ---- Chicago .

Along the way, stop the car since the middle of one of the toilets, after the whole car style has changed, five hours, singing and dancing 😂 road to see the world famous Chicago skyline (skyline).

At nearly six o'clock in the afternoon, entering Zhicheng is completely different from Kazhen. There are many tall buildings, cars and people shuttle, everyone is in a hurry. The hotel we stayed at was Hotel Allegro.

The room was small enough to accommodate three people, so it was a big remodel, and the mattress was moved down and used as a bed. After a brief dressing, went to search for food in the cold wind where the temperature of Zhicheng dropped sharply. Looking up at the sky, the sky seems to be much higher than Kazhen. The building is towering, yet not losing its style. The train across the city is like a magic castle.

The way to the restaurant, passing through the city Xie secret Root River . The scenery by the river is really charming, the river water reflects the lights on the bank and the crowd. There are tourists as well as citizens. Some like the Shanghai Bund, but there is no Shanghai is so noisy. People here are living quietly.

For the first meal in Chicago , we entered a recommended restaurant on the food list-croissant. This is a Japanese barbecue grills. Small store, business is hot, in-store Asian faces in the majority, dining environment is very domestic feel. I ordered their specialty, Kobe beef. Although there is no big difference between it and ordinary beef, it is really delicious.

Tuna rolls and salmon are also very special. The rice in the tuna roll is slightly fried rice balls. The scent of tuna and the crispy rice are perfect together.

The meal was eaten quickly, and after eating, I wandered around downtown. There are nice-looking candy shops that taste sweet as soon as they enter the store; there is a transparent and blurred radio broadcast room; I saw Trump’s building; I picked a Chicago t-shirt at Walgreen; I bought postcards for Fang Zhi and Pei Yiming... …

Fresh cities will always motivate people to do things they haven't done before. When I had the courage to go to the bar to indulge in the cold wind, the eldest brother at the door of the bar glanced at his passport and said "Under 21? NoNoNo!" and he turned me away. Feeling unwilling, I bought six bottles of beer and two packs of potato chips at 7-eleven and went back to the hotel high. Two bottles of beer, half past one in the morning.

10.8.2016 Saturday
may be due to the effect of alcohol, the slightly harder bed board did not cause insomnia. Get up at 7:30 in the morning and dress up. After Check out, he went to a company called Mingxuan's Guangdong restaurants to eat morning tea. On the way, I passed by a line of hot donuts, and ordered a chocolate cake taste. The sweet taste actually dispelled some of the morning cold in Zhicheng. Because the girl is Zhao Shenzhen people, because we overestimate their own food intake, slightly more than the meals. The general taste, no last summer s day in Shenzhen The rice rolls and custard wraps are delicious.

After breakfast and lunch, I went to Millennium Park. A landmark building in Chicago . There is an open-air music plaza in the park with many tourists.

A corner, to the Art Institute of Chicago. I didn't really expect much before I went, but after the five-hour tour, I was deeply attracted.

This afternoon, I saw a lot of things learned in class. Andy Warhol's pop style, Monte Lee's Dutch de Stijl, Rembrandt paintings of light and shadow figures, Picasso drawing lines, under the impressionist Monet fantasy flicks, the photograph Paris wet streets, Van Gogh's self-portrait ,

There is also the Kanagawa surfing (although I did not see the real product but I also saw the introduction), it is a feast of gluttony, which is a long aftertaste.

A famous art museums US starting point for Route 66. The street artists are also very interesting. Broken barrels and sticks can also knock out a burst of wonderful music. Indeed, the city of Chicago , whether it is architecture or humanities, is full of cultural atmosphere.
Chicago 's deep-dish pizza is naturally not to be missed. Went to the local famous deep dish pizza---gioidano's. The deep dish pizza is so delicious on the sides. The cheese is full, and the moment of drawing is really full of happiness. The pizza was very full, and the three little girls did not finish the smallest size pizza.

After eating, Xiaoshi went to downtown again. There is a street photography exhibition in Millennium Park, where excellent photography works from all over the world are exhibited. Some works feel like they were shot with life. I stayed at a local friend's house at night. The friend's house is a little far away from the city center, but the family is super nice. It is also a wonderful experience.
10.9.2016 Went
to the Industrial Technology Museum early on Sunday morning. Go on the road passing through the Chicago University. At a glance, I saw romance in a place full of academics. The medieval-style architecture, simple and elegant, seems to be slowly telling the story of this university over the past century.

Museum of Science+Industry has many curious babies. As a liberal arts student with a poor mathematics, physics and chemistry, I feel that IQ has been crushed here. So I had to pat. However, the museum include Vientiane , for the children concerned, it entertaining. The three girls still kept patting. The romance created by technology also has another style.

Basically, all the interested and not interested in the museum are finished. It was past lunch after I came out. Just a broken door has broken but very American feel of the ice cream truck. The black man who sells ice cream is very interesting.

Then, accompanied by fine weather, came to Lake Michigan banks. The driver who came to pick us up was very funny. Passing planetarium time, see a lot of security personnel, he told us that the Austrian Bama here. We didn't believe it at the time, and thought he was fooling us. However, in the evening and asked a friend, the friend said Austrian Bama today is indeed in Chicago .
After the time is three girls and Lake Michigan 's dating time.

Chicago wind, the five Great Lakes water compact skyline, white sail, gulls, lake photograph of the couple, cycling through the visitors ...... shore of the lake, and the city, a good fit.

Listening to the sound of water splashing against the lakeshore will also feel very happy.
Had it not been for the hungry insects in the belly, I think we would have captured the sunset. Steak House goes! Since this day happens to be Chicago 's annual city marathon, during the day, a variety of road closures downtown, take a lot of costly mistakes. On the way to eat, I saw the gorgeous mile (sunset and endless street) and big bean beans. So many tourists have soiled the beans.

It was getting dark, and I arrived at this steakhouse. I think the crab cakes are super delicious. The steak is ok, but not particularly stunning.

The last dessert is very real. The amount of ice cream and chocolate mousse is quite large, but the weather is too cold to finish eating.
After eating, I want to take a boat to Navy Pier. But when the three of us walked to the dock against the wind, we found that it was closed. Not reconciled, so I found a place where I could see the Ferris wheel.

The dock is quiet at night. The boat docking, swaying gently with the waves, should be enjoying the city of Shiba at 10 o'clock in the evening. Sitting on the shore, looking up at the sky, there are stars, one, two, the more and more they count. It's been a long time since I saw the sky full of stars.

By the way, I forgot to say, in fact, the three of us were quite embarrassed this night. I didn't bring a power bank during a day in the waves. When we were going back to our friend's house from the Navy Pier, of the three mobile phones, two were out of power, and one was only 8% left. Fortunately, there are more solutions than difficulties. Asked the way and got on the bus going back. Good night on this day.
10.10.2016 Monday
it was in Chicago last day of. A friend took us to the railway station to store our luggage. In this city, even a place like the railway station is so tasteful.

The train station is not big and there are not many people, and Bruce is gently placed. After setting up your luggage, head to the water tower.
After arriving, I discovered that the water tower is just a shopping street. Various brands, everything. There is a church there, and the wall is surrounded by climbing grass. After entering, I felt that there was holy light inside. Some homeless people sat quietly in the church, and no one drove them away.

Inadvertently also discovered the back garden of the church. The sun there is amazing.

I like the feeling of warm sunshine on my shoulders and hair.
Before shopping, I went to the Hershey Chocolate Shop and bought four beautiful cupcakes.
After that, I bought and bought. Split up.

Godive's chocolate is also delicious.
Excessive shopping, resulting in not catching the 4:05 train at 3:30 in the afternoon. So I changed my booking and enjoyed the warmth of the city for a few more hours. The dinner at the Cheesecake factory and the pasta I ordered were really many. Too late to eat, take it to the train station.

At the station to see the awareness of Taiwan's sister, so, half past one town after the card has another way home. Get on the train at 8 o'clock, look at the photos, write travel notes, and go to bed. The five-hour drive is quite fast.
10.11.2016 Tuesday
at half past one. Go back to Card Town. This time in Chicago came to an end. These few days, wonderful and exciting. Those little episodes during the trip also made me understand a truth "the ship will go straight to the bridgehead".
Say goodbye for now, Chicago.
See you again soon.

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